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Thank you for visiting VCignature.

   Our website is currently under re-construction.

   We have listened to the demands from our loyal customers
and are in the process of
upgrading our site to reflect our full range of V~Cignature products and accessories. Our
physical store locations are still open and our staff is ready and waiting to fill all of your orders.
We have made some huge changes to our product line and our old site is undergoing a full
scale upgrade.  We would like to thank all of our loyal customers for g
rowing with us over the
two years. We will come back very soon. Bigger, Better, and Stronger.

   If you have any existing V~Cignature products and have not yet been contacted by our
support team, please contact management directly at sdpeoples@vcignature.com
   We will continue to service our existing customers via our secondary existing client ordering