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FDA to comply with the law

Monday April 25th 2011 - FDA announces that they will comply with the law and regulate electronic cigarettes as tobacco products: Regulation of E-Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products This is the second big win in the US in the war against unjust legislation, the first being the courts' instructions to the FDA that e-cigarettes are not pharmaceuticals and cannot be regulated as such. The FDA traditionally ignores court orders for as long as it can, so Monday's announcement is notice that they accept the courts' decisions and cannot find any more grounds for appeal. Now, the FDA will rest awhile and figure out their next step. Undoubtedly tobacco controls will eventually be applied and that could mean an attack on flavors and bottled liquids - and perhaps more taxation, since if it is a tobacco product, it can be taxed as a tobacco product. Also, it is not unreasonable to assume that the pharma industry will apply pressure for the PACT Act to be altered to include e-cigarettes, so that mailing of products can be banned, thus killing internet sales. It seems that we will have a period of peace lasting about a year in both the US and the UK while the pharma industry (via their licensing authorities) work on their next moves. The biggest battles of the war have been won, but there is still a lot of skirmishing to be done. And some of that may be very painful. For a detailed analysis, see this thread: FDA to regulate e-cig as tobacco  

Smoking with No Tar, No Odor, and No Tobacco

In today's society, becoming more health conscious is becoming the new trend. Everywhere you look they are talking about becoming more fit, eating right, and working on the "new you". Well now through new technology, electronic cigarettes, you can smoke with no tar, no odor, and no tobacco enabling you to have yet another healthier alternative.  These electronic cigarettes also know as e-cig's allow you to smoke virtually anywhere with nicotine or non-nicotine vapor which a user inhales. These are just a few of the many benefits electronic cigarettes have to offer over the traditional tobacco cigarette.
  1. No Smoking? No Problem! The Answer... - smoke an e-cig where and when you want
  2. Saves you both time and money - did you know that an electronic cigarette can save you hundreds of dollars each month depending on how many packs of cigarettes you typically smoke.
  3. No Second Hand Smoke - which is why you can virtually smoke it anywhere
  4. Safer Alternative - less dangerous as it is not flamable and contains No Tar, No Tobacco, No Nitrosamines and leaves No Odor.
Crazy Fact #207 brought to you by Vcignature:
Electronic cigarettes contain less than 00.18% of the total Nitrosamines found in Marlboro Ultra Lights. This means you’d have to smoke more than 587 electronic cigarettes to get the same amount of Nitrosamines in a single Marlboro Ultra Light. Learn more about this from the study conducted at Boston University  comparing Nitrosamine levels in various nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes.